Stop Smoking Hypnosis

  • Did you know that you are five times more likely to stop smoking with hypnosis than with willpower alone?

  • Did you know that hypnosis to stop smoking has been shown to be twice as effective as nicotine replacement therapy?

  • Are you really motivated to stop smoking but just need that extra bit of support?

  • Are you worried that you won’t have enough willpower to stop, but you really want to?

One session of cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy could be just what you need to help you stop smoking once and for all.


Helping my clients to stop smoking is something that I am really passionate about. I gave up smoking myself with hypnosis over ten years ago. That is not to say that it didn’t require some willpower, but hypnosis helped me to quit and I still don’t smoke to this day.

Research comparing many different studies of hypnotherapy has shown that on average smokers are over five times more likely to break the habit with hypnosis than by willpower alone, and that hypnotherapy and CBT are some of the most effective ways to help people quit (Viswesvaran & Schmidt, 1992). Hypnotherapy in general is also proven to be more than twice as effective compared to nicotine replacement (Silagy et al, 2004; Hasan et al, 2014). Some research has shown that combining hypnosis or CBT-based treatments with nicotine replacement can also be a very effective approach (Carmody et al, 2008; Çelik & Sevi, 2020).


So far, no one method of smoking cessation has been proven to work for everyone. That is why I take a multi-component approach, combining a number of evidence-based techniques from hypnotherapy, CBT and mindfulness. This gives you the best chance of success! I offer a comprehensive package which includes two sessions (2 hours in total), a number of recordings and some helpful material and guides. My approach focuses on helping you take on the identity of a permanent non-smoker, leaving the session with 110% confidence in your ability to succeed. I have also completed an advanced specialist training in smoking cessation, in addition to my core practitioner training.

Most smokers know that smoking is bad for their health and most want to quit, however, quitting is not always that simple. There are a number of reasons that you might smoke, and most of these reasons are psychological. I’ll support you by helping you to understand the reasons why you smoke, and teach you the tools and skills to help you handle urges and cravings. We will then use hypnosis to deeply embed all of these learnings and increase your motivation and confidence even further. If you truly want to stop smoking for good, I can help you to achieve this, but it will require your commitment and motivation. Are you ready?


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