Hypnotherapy for Stress Relief Cork

  • Did you know that hypnosis and CBT can help you relax, providing great stress relief?

  • Do you find that you are constantly stressed and feel overwhelmed?

  • Do you lack a good work/life balance? 

Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy (hypnosis and CBT) can help you find relief from stress, either in person (Cork) or online.


If you are considering hypnosis for stress relief, then have you considered how hypnosis combined with CBT could be even more effective? Based in East Cork, I work with clients both in person and online. I help clients learn how to reduce stress in their lives, relax more and feel happier.

We know that sometimes a little stress can be useful, as it can help us perform better. However, too much stress and it becomes overwhelming. That’s when we feel as though we can’t cope. The fight or flight response is your body’s way of getting into gear when presented with a threat. It sends hormones pumping through your body and gets you ready to act. However, if your fight or flight response is triggered regularly by everyday stressors, then your body is in an almost constant state of stress.

There is huge amount of research evidence supporting the use of hypnosis for managing stress and reducing stress reactivity. A recent study has also shown that both mindfulness and CBT based approaches delivered online can be effective in reducing stress.

With cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, I can teach you how to cope better with stress. You will learn better coping skills and learn how to become your own therapist. I take an evidence-based approach, using only techniques that have a solid evidence base. We will use a combination of hypnotherapy, CBT, mindfulness and relaxation techniques to help you build your resilience to stress. I will also teach you self-hypnosis which has been proven to be very effective in managing stress. Are you ready to start feeling more calm and relaxed?


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