Hypnosis for Weight Loss

  • Did you know that cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy (hypnosis combined with CBT) can help you to lose weight?

  • Do you want to achieve a healthy BMI but find it difficult to stay motivated and stick to a weight loss plan?

  • Are you sick of your weight getting you down and holding you back?


Achieve your weight loss goals with cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy (hypnosis and CBT), either in person (Cork) or online from the comfort of your own home.


If you are considering hypnosis for weight loss, then have you considered how hypnosis combined with CBT could be even more effective? Based in East Cork, I work with clients from all over Cork to help them achieve their weight loss goals by using the power of hypnosis and CBT combined.

Research shows that hypnosis combined with CBT offers a promising approach to weight loss, and is more effective than CBT alone for losing weight (Byom & Sapp, 2013; Hutchinson-Phillips & Gow, 2005; Kirsch, 1996; Milling et al, 2018). Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy will aim to address the psychological aspects to your over-eating. However, this does need to be part of an overall weight loss program. If we work together then I will recommend that you follow the HSE’s healthy eating and physical activity guidelines, or to consult a dietician for more specific dietary advice.

If you work with me, I will use a number of techniques that will help you to explore, analyse and change your eating habits. We will get to the root of the problem, by focussing on the underlying issue that is leading you to make choices that leave you feeling unhappy. We will address any of the unhelpful thinking and behaviour patterns that lead you to make these choices, and to learn to understand the emotional aspect to your eating habits. Hypnosis will be used to then enhance these positive learnings and to rehearse new coping skills, behaviours and thoughts. Hypnosis will also be used to rehearse and practise successfully losing weight in your imagination. However, like any therapy there can be no guarantees. The key to losing weight is within you and you will need to be 100% committed and motivated.


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