“Siobhan is a compassionate hypnotherapist, whom I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and work with on my personal improvement plan, this year. Since the beginning, Siobhan created a warm and safe environment for open discussions and helped me work through some of my recurring problems related to self-confidence and anxiety. Siobhan supported me in my quest for an emotionally healthy mind and spirit, to maintain a balance in relationships and in life, in general, constantly communicated with me and provided useful and practical guidance and tactics. She has proved to be a beacon in my healing process, always positive and encouraging. I could see progress even from the first weeks of practice and that is why I am extremely grateful for having worked with her. I recommend Siobhan without reservation, as she has been a true blessing in my life.”


“I was a smoker for 40 years and had on occasion tried everything to quit but failed time after time, a friend suggested that I should try hypnotherapy and recommended Siobhan Gilmore it was the best recommendation I ever received it was the greatest experience of my life. I am now a NON SMOKER and will be forever grateful for the fantastic understanding and professional help I received from Siobhan for all her support for helping me on my new smoke free journey and healthier life for me”


I am delighted that I worked with Siobhan to give up smoking. Right from our initial phone conversation, I felt at ease and supported. Siobhan explained very thoroughly the process we were about to embark on and I was confident in my ability to follow through. In the lead-up to the session, Siobhan provided materials that allowed me to reflect on my smoking habit and be mentally prepared to become a non-smoker. In the session itself, I felt very motivated and supported and ultimately strong enough to stop smoking, something which I had done for 25 years.


I was familiar with CBT, but had never had hypnotherapy before starting my sessions with Siobhan. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Siobhan explained the techniques she was using and she made me feel entirely safe during our sessions. Siobhan really supported me in developing accessible resources to help me cope with my anxiety and help me find my voice when feeling anxious. The combination of exploring the roots of my anxiety and then addressing my fears holistically with a range of techniques has been so helpful, I felt that I was making progress and I was able to implement the techniques immediately. I now regularly lean into my CBT & hypnotherapy toolbox that calm any physical sensations of anxiety in my body when they arise.


“I get anxiety attacks while travelling, with short notice Siobhan helped me with some techniques to calm my body/brain down so I could stay on holiday. It wasn’t easy but it worked.”


“Siobhan has been amazing. I loved the session and as a nail biter of 50 years who has now stopped biting, I wish I had found her earlier. I cannot recommend her enough. She was fantastic at following up too when I asked for help. I attended online and was surprised that it worked through this medium but it most certainly did and I am really really grateful.”


“From our initial conversation I felt that Siobhan listened and understood. She kindly and professionally helped me find the tools and information that I required. At all times I felt comfortable and safe and made progress very quickly. I would highly recommend Siobhan.”


“Working with Siobhan Gilmore Hypnotherapy has been so beneficial to me and has had a massive impact on managing and alleviating my anxiety. I’ve gained tools that have helped me achieve my personal goals and I’ve never experienced a therapy that has had such a huge, immediate, direct impact on me. I really love working with Siobhan and I’m so glad I gave it a go to try and work on my anxieties and fears.”


“Excellent Service. Would highly recommend Siobhan.”


“I found the session great, extremely relaxing. I felt very comfortable talking about my problems as I felt it was a non judgmental environment. I enjoyed finding out about hypnosis and how it worked.”


“I wish I had met Siobhan a long time ago. She helped get over a fear I’ve had all my life within 3 sessions! I’m a very rational person and wasn’t very hopeful at the beginning that the process would work. Siobhan has however some sort of magical wand, she’s a real kind person, so sweet, so calm, she just puts you at ease from the initial consultation. Thank you Siobhan for everything you’ve done, and all your precious help. I can’t recommend you enough, everyone needs a Siobhan in their life!”


“I spent years not being able to swallow tablets. It caused me massive anxiety and it was a hindrance when it came to medications. After two sessions with Siobhan, I was able to swallow two panadol for a headache. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t have to sit in pain, I was able to swallow them with ease. Siobhan is very gentle and made me feel very calm and safe. I’m very grateful. ❤️”


“After years of smoking and trying and wanting to quit and feeling like I would never be able to I made contact with Siobhan. I am delighted to say that I have been smoke free for over a week, after feeling like I could never go a day without smoking. Siohans methods are very effective and full of positivity and excitement for what your non-smoking future will be like. I know that I would not have been able to stop without the help and support from Siobhan so thank you so so much Siobhan you have really changed my life.”


“I found my sessions with Siobhan very beneficial and I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking of  trying hypnosis to pay Siobhan a visit. I was having issues with anxiety around driving and in other certain life situations. Siobhan is very welcoming, puts you right at ease and listens to what you have to say.  I will continue to listen to the audio recordings to build on my confidence while in these situations but even after the first session I felt ready to face some of my driving fears, and the feeling of pride was fantastic once I did.”


“A big thanks to Siobhan for helping me overcome the fear of heights. In 3 sessions I was able to do things I had avoided for so long, and I am now on my way to fully address my anxiety issues. Thanks a million for your support and positive reinforcement. Siobhan is highly recommended!”


“I knew the moment I spoke with Siobhan on the phone she was gonna change my life forever. I had never tried hypnotherapy before and Siobhan explained everything and made me feel so at ease. She is so professional, and calm and sweet and just full of information and knowledge. The only regret I have is not meeting her sooner! I had 3 sessions and was so delighted with the outcome. I now feel so confident going forward, and my fears and anxieties are well and truly in the past. She has given me brilliant advice and tools for the future. I could not recommend this lady enough. A fantastic experience from start to finish.”


“Siobhan was so easy to talk to, very professional and knowledgeable. She really helped with my sleep issues!”


“I went to Siobhan at a time when I felt incapable of dealing with everyday working life as I occasionally suffered with anxiety. She’s helped me in ways I didn’t think would be possible in the pass few weeks. I’m able to go days upon days working now feeling a lot more relaxed and calm. She’s taught me different ways of dealing with panic and nervousness and it’s helped me so much. I think anyone suffering with anxiety or panic attacks should really seek out Siobhans work. She’s also such a lovely lady which makes it all the more easier and more comfortable. Thanks Siobhan for everything. ”


“I worked with Siobhan for a musical performance. I had suffered from stage anxiety and over thinking. She gave me mechanisms to overcome them and I have since performed with great confidence. It really worked.”


“It was my first time going to therapy including in-person hypnosis. I felt in every session with Siobhan comfortable and I appreciated to have been actively listend to while working goal-oriented on my goal which I achieved just after three sessions! Besides the friendly and professional approach from Siobhan, I liked the personal hypnosis recordings as well. It helped me to stay on track and achieve my goal. I can highly recommend Siobhan!”


“I visited Siobhan 6 weeks ago and since then I’m one stone lighter. Hypnotherapy really helped me focus on my weight loss journey. Absolutely amazing atmosphere during the session. Highly recommended.”


“I attended with Siobhan for help with weight loss and to quit smoking.  Siobhan adopted a multi-therapy approach which proved hugely beneficial for me.  Not only did I walk away from these sessions as a non-smoker, I have been able to make many other positive changes in my life. Both my confidence and self esteem are soaring after a few sessions and I have already experienced significant changes in sleep, anxiety, stress levels and overall happiness.  I would highly recommend Siobhan to anyone and I will continue to rely on her for support into the future as required.”


“Siobhán has been an enormous help in dealing with my sleep problems. Her willingness to listen and advise have been second to none. She has given me the tools to change my sleep pattern going forward, couldn’t recommend Siobhán enough, thank you”


“Siobhan Gilmore puts a client in an easy comfortable mood so they can open up to their problems, take time to talk and reflect on life. And in turn try a different approach to dealing with their problems. 100% satisfaction.”


“I was a smoker for more than 20 years and after I tried everything I could to stop I completely lost my hope. I knew about hypnotherapy, but to be honest I never believed that it will work for me. I’ve decided to try it anyway, as my last resort.
That’s when I found Siobhan and I can say that she completely changed my life.
I was smoking more than a pack every day and couldn’t imagine myself even for a few hours without smoking. Now I’m not even interested in smoking and I can’t believe how easy this is, compared with all my previous failed attempts.
Siobhan is extremely professional and positive and so dedicated to her work. I can’t recommend her enough. And she listens. She truly listens. Thank you so much Siobhan, you completely changed my life and I am so grateful!”


“I attended Siobhan’s clinic to help with driving test nerves in October 2022.
Siobhan was really kind and had a great ability to understand what I was feeling. She helped me figure out why I was feeling so nervous and how my unconscious thoughts were contributing to such nervousness. My main aim really with the sessions was to find ways to feel relaxed during the driving test, it wasn’t even to pass. I just knew that if I could feel more at ease the test would be a more pleasant event!! I attended Siobhan’s clinic I think 3 times, she recorded helpful visualisations and meditations for me to listen to each day. Interestingly as the test came closer I could actually see myself passing it and how that would feel. I did pass my driving test (4th time lucky) while I did have some nerves still I felt much more at ease and was able to remember to relax with cues Siobhan had given me. Definitely worth it. Also the tools she gave me to relax and focus on what’s happening right now are beneficial to me in every day life not just for the driving test. Thanks Siobhan.”


“Had such a great experience with Siobhan. I reached out to her due to habits I’ve had since I was very young. After one session with Siobhan I’ve stopped biting my nails completely. I also feel less anxious and more confident in myself. Siobhan has checked in with me following my session to make sure all is going well and offer support if I need it. Highly recommend hypnotherapy with Siobhan!!”


“Siobhan is really excellent. Calm, warm, thoughtful and astute. She instantly put me at ease and gave me practical tools to help me cope with an anxiety I had. I was so surprised by how effective her techniques were and would strongly recommend her to anyone.”


“Siobhan is an excellent practitioner in her field and was instrumental in facilitating my transition into becoming a permanent non-smoker. Clear, concise and straightforward, her system really appealed to me and worked very well in removing my dependence on cigarettes. I would highly recommend Siobhan to anyone wanting to help themselves improve the quality of their lives through self empowerment.”


“Siobhan is always a pleasure to talk with. A great listener, with empathy and informed insights. A real therapist.”


“I recently visited Siobhan Gilmore Hypnotherapy for some help with anxiety and some other long-standing issues. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable and supportive. Siobhan went through a combination of techniques and tools with me which I have found very beneficial and I have already been making progress which I am very thankful for! I would recommend Siobhan to anyone and am very grateful to have found her help.”


“Right from the initial phone consultation working with Siobhan was a positive experience. Loved been able to do the prep work in my own time and haven’t had a cigarette since my session. Highly recommended.”


“I have picked and scratched my scalp for over 20 years and was getting progressively worse. I found Siobhan’s techniques very beneficial , easy to complete and very relaxing. Very happy with results so far.”


“I went to siobhan 6 weeks ago to see could I quit smoking. I tried a good few times in the past to quit but could never shake that urge to smoke. After I left Siobhan’s office that day I went to her I have not looked back since. That urge to have a cigarette that every smoker knows about is completely gone. I went from smoking two box’s of amber leaf a week to smoking nothing. My life has completely changed for the better. What nobody mentions when you quit smoking is the extra energy you have and how good you feel from not smoking. Siobhan was brilliant to deal with and I cannot thank her enough. Very highly recommended. Definitely had a major impact on me.”


“Went to Siobhan with driving anxiety, Siobhan made me feel very comfortable and is very easy to talk to. She helped me get to the root of my problem and along with the hypnotherapy, gave me ways and tactics to deal with my anxiety. She puts you at ease and you genuinely feel like she really cares. Would defo recommend.”


“Siobhan is amazing. Siobhan was absolutely fantastic and so understanding. I had a few sessions of Hypnotherapy leading up to my wedding to deal with the anxiety of the big day and the tools and coping skills Siobhan taught me were fantastic and helped me massively. I had an excellent wedding day and didn’t feel own bit anxious and everyone commented on how calm I was and I definitely put this down to the sessions with Siobhan. She’s amazing at what she does.”


“I have been suffering with an anxiety related issue for the past 3 years. From the first initial phone consultation Siobhan put me at ease and it was so easy to talk to her. This anxiety has taken over my life and in the few sessions I completed with Siobhan she gave me the tools to begin to overcome this anxiety. Each experience I had with Siobhan was positive and she makes you feel so comfortable during the hypnosis sessions. I finally feel like I am getting my life back and I am in control. This has been made possible by Siobhan and the tools she has taught me for dealing with my anxiety. I can’t recommend her enough. Thank you Siobhan.”


“I had 3 sessions with Siobhan to help me get my eating habits in order and lose weight. Her tools and techniques, along with the excellent hypnosis sessions, have transformed my life! I lost nearly 7 lbs within the first month and feel more empowered to keep up the good habits. Siobhan’s warm, sympathetic and professional manner, along with her encouragement and reassurance were second to none.”


“I initially went to Siobhán for help with my anxiety and confidence following a health issue. I found her to be understanding, easy to work with and professional. I found her technique very helpful and effective, would highly recommend her.
Thank you Siobhán.”


“I attended Siobhan for anxiety and panic attacks. She was absolutely fantastic and really gave me the tools to overcome the issues I was having. I could not recommend her highly enough.”


“I attended Siobhan after suffering months of insomnia. I found her to be really well informed on the issue and trusted the process Immediately. I hadn’t had a full nights sleep in 6+ months and I’m now sleeping 6 hours a night every night using the tools Siobhan has given me. I would highly recommend Siobhan.”


“I worked with Siobhán on how to manage my stress and I can honestly say that I am so glad I did. Siobhán has such a lovely manner that she makes you feel at ease straightaway. From the first consultation – I felt a positive impact and I had such a sense of calm on the drive home. Siobhán is genuinely interested and provided me with such invaluable tools along with both an understanding and awareness as to my stress. It was like everything finally made sense – like a switch had been turned on. I applied Siobhán tools straight away and felt I finally had control back. I cannot thank Siobhán enough – I only wish I had gone to her years ago. Thank you so very much Siobhán.”